Company History

Spadana Polymer Industries Company, initiated its work in research on manufacturing polymer pipes and connections, market research and marketing for this product in Iran in 1379(2000) and began manufacturing polymer pipes, and by planning and purchasing modern machinery and equipment. Started to produce quality products in compliance with national and international standards.


Spadana Polymer industrial group, as one of the first holders of R&D unit in polymer pipes and connections industry with its huge and continues investment on R&D, ensures the development of new products meeting the customers’ requirements.In 1388(2009) by obtaining the title of top standard quality unit, it has shown itself as one of the largest and most reliable manufacturing units in Iran.Currently, it is manufacturing polymer pipes and connections with a specialized staff and having the most equipped QC labs.The honors obtained by this company so far have been a golden proof of this claim of Spadana men that: we are different.