Our Activities

Manufacture of standard polymer pipes and connections (green) 

Water treatment apparatus 

Welding machine


With a lot of effort we established the Spadana Polymer Pipes Company in 1378(1999) by acting in trading and imports of polymer products. In 1379-1380(2000-2001) with our colleagues` endeavors, through long – term planning and performing research on polymer pipes and connections manufacturing, and also by performing needed research on market and sales of such products, we decided to produce them. After ending necessary researches in 1380(2001) we began to purchase primary modern machinery and equipment, and through extending the company units into modeling, production, assembly, packaging, quality control and laboratory, monitoring and control, quality assurance, marketing, distribution, sales and after sales services units, we offered the products in compliance with national and international standards and with a high quality to the market in 1382(2003). We quickly extended the products variety scope in different sizes (20,25,32,40,50,63) in three colors of green, white and blue to provide a product that could meet the customers` needs and to satisfy them. It is noteworthy that we extended our selling networks and product distribution offices throughout the nation for a direct offer to the market so that in any province, several sales agents are working. In 1383(2004)the company could obtain a pipes and connections production national standard certificate, No.7475, which by changing the version of this standard, it was updated as No. 6314-1, 6314-2, and 6314-3.


In the same year, by implementing the ISO 9001/2000 standard in quality management system from TUV NORD, Germany, we could take a great step toward continuous improvement. By changing this standard`s version, the quality assurance unit has immediately updated this standard and the company holds a certificate with 2008 version of it. Following this certification, and due to the signization, we obtained ISO 10002/2004 certification of quality management system – customer satisfaction and complaint processing, from MIC. Spadana polymer company is the first, and in the last year, the only company holding this international certificate among the manufactures of this product. With the advancement of the company and market`s need for development and improved products, and along with the technological progress in industries, we decided to deploy the R&D unit by using the most advanced laboratory facilities and experienced specialists, and 1378(2008) we obtained the related authorization from Mines and Industries department, and currently this unit, by forming an R&D committee is broadly active towards improving the quality, developing new products and with plans such as launching the third plan of company development, that is, production of 5-year PVC pipes and employing updated technologies such as nanotechnology in the company`s products.


Together with all honors obtained by help of the company`s diligent staff, our organization is an active member R&D association.


Manufacturers` trade union, Standard Sigh holders Association, Quality Control Specialized Association, etc. for updating the information and relevant knowledge. Obtaining licenses such as operation license from the Industries and Mines department, establishment license from the ministry of health and treatment, operation license from the ministry of health and treatment, and manufacturing license from food and drugs vice-minister are considered as company`s honors. In 1388(2009), again with the cooperation and high ambition of organizational forces; the Spadana Polymer Pipes Company was selected as the top quality unit by the standard department and receive a trophy and citation. In order to introduce the products to the market, and to introduce the products to the market, and to negotiate with the professionals, facility engineers and mass-producers, and also to negotiate with companies and sales agents wishing to join the Spadana family, and towards strengthening the agents, distribution and sales centers, we have actively participated in national and international exhibitions. Among these expositions, one could name Dubai BI65, Industry and Building of Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. National exhibitions include: industry and building exhibitions of Tabriz, Kermanshah, Mashhad, Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, etc. in some of which, like Tabriz,Shiraz and Mashhad our booth has been presented as the excellent one. We have not limited the sales and offerings of products to inside Iran only, and all products are exported to neighboring countries such as Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, which of course in contrary to very high demands, due to dependency on imported raw materials and lack of sufficient support for such manufacturers, we have suffered from many problems.