The founders

Mr. Ali Azimi

Born 4 February 1954 Broujen -Charmahal and bakhtiari province - Iran

The Member of the Board



Experiences: More Than 35 years in installation and extinction Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning System. After graduating from high school, he shifted to Isfahan from 1970. He tried to get experiences and HVAC skills with experienced teachers. In 1974, due to his expertise and experience, he was responsible for the heating and cooling installation system of the University of Isfahan so during the course of their activities, he putted the best memorial in the years. He has been designing and implementing installation system in factories since 1987. Also in 2003, he stablished Spadana Polymer Industries Company with his sons. He as ECO tried to use and spend 30 years his experiences to become success He now serves as the father of Spadana and a member of the board of directors at the company.




Mr. Habib Azimi

Born 12 September 1974 Isfahan – Iran

The Member of the Board



 He was active in the field of marketing and sales of products by various companies before the launch of the Spadana Polymer Industries Company. With the formation of Spadana, he set all his expertise in the field of marketing and sales, and as marketing and sales manager of the company, he played a very influential role in introducing and selling the company's products. He is member of the board of directors at the company now.




Mr. Hamid Azimi

Born 17 February 1979 Isfahan – Iran

The Chairman of the Board

Academic Fields: Doctor of Business Administration.



He began his professional career after graduating and, along with his father, acquired the design and implementation of construction systems. In 2003 after getting experience and skill about the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems with their father and brother decided to participate in the country's production and role in the construction industry. With the establishing of the Spadana Polymer Industries Company as manufacture of polymer pipe and fittings, he was as the factory manager; from 1382 to 1387.He is Chairman of the Board right now. He has won many honors including the following. Continuing education and obtaining a bachelor's degree in business is one of the hallmarks of his growing interest in higher and higher success rates.

  • The top young manager of the country at the fourth national festival of young producers in 2010.
  • The CEO of Superior Junior at the Second Young Producers Festival in Isfahan in 2010.
  • The top young director at the third festival of young producers in Isfahan province in 2011.
  • Obtaining the Top Employer Title from the Employers Association of Isfahan Province in 2013.
  • The director and Top Employer of the province in 2013