History Of Company

Today, the building industry has become one of the most active global industries and is considered as a very important economic and social sector in our country. Among the industries dependent on the building, the most important part of the plant's industry is the pipes and fittings used in the building, as vital vessels, which play a decisive role in its health. In the 1990s, a suitable replacement for metal and copper pipes was felt in various industries, especially the building industry. This has led some of the country's industry experts with more than 35 years of experience in the implementation of cooling and heating systems, with the goal of developing and implementing the construction industry of the world today, on the production of a new generation of polymeric single-layer pipes and fittings, 5 layers and polyethylene. In 2000, established Spadana Polymer Industries Company, we started our research and develop to comprehensive information. In 2001, using the newest equipment and the most advanced laboratory equipment in accordance with international standards, polymeric products to produce and market. After more than a decade of activities of the Spadana Polymer Industries Company in the field of producing and supplying polymeric pipes and fittings, as well as providing expert knowledge and obtaining certificates and internal licenses, as well as observance of all national and international standards, as well as membership in scientific associations and Specialist and Customer Satisfaction System (ISO10000-2004) and Quality Management System (ISO9001-2008) have been able to capture the title of the country's standard production unit in 2009 by the Bureau of Standardization.


Introduction to PowerPipe:
PowerPipe is a registered trademark for introducing products manufactured by Spadana Polymer Industries that Specialized in the field of pipe and polymer fittings, PERT-AL-PERT, Multi-layer pipe, single-layer PEX tube, fittings, automatic press fittings without tools.