Company Sections

Company Sections

Design and Computation Unit:

in this unit, the engineers determine and calculate the primary design and resistance against pressure, heat and hydrostatic tests.


Modeling Unit:

in this unit, the engineers are assigned with the task of constructing the primary model of the part before modeling to facilitate and accelerate the tasks of next unit.


Modeling Unit:

steel models are prepared from the pre-constructed model by advanced machines (spark, milling), and are transferred to the production unit.


Production Unit:

in the production unit, the poly propylene pipes and connections are produced by using the best imported raw materials in a steady manner with automatic and semi – automatic machines and are transferred to the next unit after test.


Assembly Unit:

in this unit, all parts and products that need to be assembled are fitted together.


Quality Control and Laboratory Unit:

this unit, having the most equipped quality control lab, puts al monitoring of specialized engineers and after verification of pipes and connections with current global standards, sends them to the packaging unit.


Packaging Unit:

in this unit, the tested products are packaged according to the customer`s order and shipping conditions, and delivered to the distribution unit.


Monitoring and Control Unit:

this section is responsible for coordination among all units and controlling the executive systems of the company.


Distribution Group:

this group, in coordination with the marketing and orders recording division, packages their needed goods based on appropriate conditions and sends to their addresses. Purchase orders can be recorded and services can be demanded through email, fax, mail, telephone, or in person with prior appointment.


Customers` Feedback Processing Unit


R & D Unit:

by spending cost and time to research and develop towards identification of new products based on customers` requirements as well as improving actual products, has taken a long step towards flourishing of this category of productions in Iran.